Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two Months Away...

Okay, two months from today I will set out on what I believe will be about a 5 hour journey...my first marathon!! My training is geared more to "just finish" the race but I believe you always have to set a goal and that is why I picked 5 hours. If I finish better than that, well...good for me!

I feel really good about my running even though most of my training the last two months has been indoors on the treadmill. The weather here in WV has not been the best for training outside. Today I woke up to temperatures around 10 degrees. The sun is bright and it looks great out there but Wow! is it COLD!!

We are still getting outside on each Sunday for our long runs. Two Sundays ago we did our 20 mile run. It was 27 degrees and snowing with about 20 mph wind gusts! Greg said at mile 18 that he thought a large cheesburger was chasing him. Obviously, he was joking but the mind does start to play tricks on you after being out there that long in those conditions.

Anyways, due to the cold weather here again today I will choose the #10 treadmill at the SC Rec Center to do my training run.

I can't wait for better weather!!


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